by truejoy

I support AB189 which would revise the number of legislative measures that may be requested by certain persons or entities. Far to many frivolous bill requests are presented without consideration of cost to tax payers and necessity.  For example changing the name of McCarren International Airport to Harry Reid International Airport or the Equal Rights Amendment which was rejected by the majority of Nevadans and a majority of states. ERA is dead so why bring it up.  What a waste of time and money!  Please vote “YES” for AB189.

by fishingrampa

YES this is a really good bill.
AB189 would impose a reduction of bill requests accepted at each regular session of the Legislature.  It would cut the number of bills by about half.
As this bill is requested by a republican it likely wont get a hearing so please make comments and contact your representatives with supporting encouragement.

by peter5427

It would certainly make my job easier if there were fewer bills to monitor. Also, remember the old saying, “no one’s life and property are safe when the legislature is in session.” The fewer bills, the fewer chances to mess things up for us, and the more time they have to do their due diligence about each bill. Win win win for everybody.