by fishingrampa

AB175 would require raising wages by at least $1.25 each year until the wage is $15.00 or more unless the employer offers medical insurance then the wage is $14.00 or more.
The government should not be mandating wages.
It is further troublesome as the wage could end up being more than $15.00.  The bill says at least $1.25.00 each year, it also says $15.00 an hour or more.  So if the $1.25 brings the wage to $14.95 this year, then next year when the $1.25 is forced the wage would be $16.20.  Notice the bill does not call for a minimum wage of $15.00.  It calls for $15.00 “or more”.

by peter5427

There is also a similar bill in the Senate, SB106