by aynmaple

Please support AB164.  Photo identification is a must for every person who participates in civil society in even the most minimal ways.  You need ID for any bank account, government benefit,  to drive a car, doctor visit, to enter a plane, some government buildings, to buy alcohol, cigaettes and I assume the soon to be available marijuana, even in some places to use the local land fill for goodness sake.  It does not disenfranchise anyone. To keep public faith in the integrity of our elections it is a simple, necessary thing.  The oft repeated story that there “is no electoral fraud” is actually a matter of the lack of prosecution of fraud, not that it doesn’t exist.  Please support this important safeguard.

by truejoy

I support AB164 relating to elections: requiring, with limited exceptions, proof of identity for voting in person. You need a photo Identification to get on a plane, take out a loan, drive a car or use a credit card.  So why not a photo Identification to vote.  It would help stop voter fraud.

by fishingrampa

Thank you Assemblywoman Krasner.
AB164 would require photo ID when voting in person.
So here is the bill we have all been clamoring for. Get to
putting you comments on the Legislatures comment page,
contact your representatives with a yes comment and talk to your neighbors.

Lets get this pushed.  I don’t want to hear any crap about a democrap majority.
The votes on the Legislatures comment page already lean towards no, so get busy.

I forgot to add that we should also require a notarized ballot when not voting in person.

by peter5427

I can only offer anecdotal evidence of the voter fraud that is possible when voter ID is no longer required, which I have experienced in San Francisco. It is real, and anecdotal evidence all across the country is abundant in every election year.

Voter ID is the simplest and most effective way to keep elections clean.