by fishingrampa

Yes– finally a tax we can and should live with.
AB120 would impose a construction tax on developers of projects with 5 or more units if it is determined the development would impact school infrastructure.  The limit of the tax would be $1600.00
Critical to this bill is the requirement that the County Commissioners, School Board and, Planning Commission all participate in the negotiations regarding the impact to the schools.  If an agreement cannot be reached then a third party expert mediator will render a binding decision.

by peter5427

Well, it would not apply to The Vintage because the city determined there will not be any impact on anything.
Nevertheless they will still impose this tax — because ANY construction always impacts, not just affects but impacts — not just schools but everything else. And therefore they will only make homes (apartments) that much more expensive to potential buyers (renters).
I am hard-nosed about any new tax. I don’t want to see any new tax unless there is an exception for
1. Seniors on seriously limited fixed incomes. For example, between no COLA or minuscule COLA in Social Security and hikes in Medicare premiums, my checks haven’t gone up in years.
2. People struggling to get by on incomes hovering near the minimum wage.
Incomes are stagnant but inflation keeps rising. Very bad combination.

by fishingrampa

And yes this tax would not likely apply to Vintage because there would not be any school age people in that development.  However the current construction taxes would have this project paying for schools and parks the residents would likely not use.
Your examples 1 & 2 would likely not be affected due to the lower income level preventing those folks from either building a 5 unit or larger project or even purchasing a new home.
I agree we should always be skeptical about any new tax.  However those that put a strain on our always barely adequate services should directly participate in upgrading the services they impact.  I am not anti-growth or anti-developer I just believe a person or company of any sort that directly impacts the tax payers services should directly pay for the needed upgrades.