by truejoy

I support AB118, which provides CCW permits for members of the Armed Forces between ages 18-21.

Current law allows Concealed Weapon permits to be issued for people over 21. This law allows members of the Armed Forces and National Guard who have been released from service with an honorable discharge between the ages of 18-21 may apply for a CCW. They must meet the same requirements of others seeking CCW’s. Those who have served honorably in the Armed Forces should not be discriminated against because of their age.  They have a Constitutional right to bear arms. Criminals prefer unarmed victims.  Increasing the number of law-abiding citizens to carry-concealed weapons will improve community safety.

by janine

YES on AB118

by fishingrampa

Yes, of course.
Will allow 18 year old persons to carry concealed if they are enlisted in or honorably discharged from military service.
Anybody 18 years or older should be allowed to carry concealed.

by peter5427

Most 18 year olds I’ve met are too immature to be trusted with a pen knife, let alone a gun.
I would have no objection if the age of majority were back where it was, 21. By that time many kids used to have received proper training and most importantly, discipline, in the military, along with some maturity.

by fishingrampa

I don’t disagree for the most part.  I don’t know many 18 year olds, but those I do know I would have no concern about them having a CCW.
This bill however would restrict the 18 year old CCW to those in the military. And as far as I am concerned if a person is mature to kill and maim by sanction of the government they are mature enough to protect themselves and others as they see fit.